My art is

a mirror of my soul and my deepest thoughts, imbued with the essence of water. Inspired by the infinite depth and diversity of this element, I invite the viewer to go on a journey through my emotions, dreams and experiences. Water conveys lightness and flexibility, but also strength and power – a duality that is also reflected in my works. Every brushstroke tells a story.

Every face carries a message,

wrapped in the gentle waves of the water. I draw my inspiration from the beauty of everyday life, from the people around me and from the small wonders of life. With my works, I not only want to convey aesthetic pleasure, but also to stimulate reflection and arouse emotions. My art is my language, my way of expressing myself and communicating with the world. Carried by the flowing element of water, which has always accompanied me.


Drawing and designing has been my passion since I was at school. This passion led me to choose a creative profession and so I decided to become a ceramic painter. Since then, I have never let go of the paintbrush. I have experimented a lot and tried out different techniques.

Techniques and experiments:

My artistic journey has been characterized by experimenting with different techniques. I have constantly expanded my skills and explored new ways of creative expression.

Flouted faces on cotton cloths:

Since 2011, I have mainly been painting portraits on loose cotton cloths, which I call “flouted faces”. The wet-on-wet technique with acrylic paints creates a transparent lightness that is also transformed by the material. Each work tells its own story and conveys to the viewer a sense of lightness, spontaneity and sensuality.

Wet-on-wet painting with acrylic paints:

Wet-on-wet painting with acrylic paints is a technique that I lovingly integrate into my works. This technique allows me to create a unique transparency and lightness that captivates the viewer.

Message and vision:

My art is characterized by the message of giving the viewer the courage to experience lightness, spontaneity and sensuality. Each work is an expression of my personal vision and my deepest convictions.

Works on paper:

In addition to my “flouted faces” on cotton cloths, I also devote myself to drawing faces on paper. These works show my versatility and my striving for artistic perfection.

Contact information:

If you are interested in my works or would like further information, please feel free to contact me at

Gewerbestrase 7 k
8197 Rafz

Phone +41 79 478 99 26

Floated Faces


Works on paper